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Meet The Artist

Tyler Polani is a Photographer & Filmmaker from Fremont, CA. With a decade of experience in all mediums of media, traveling across the nation to work on various projects including award winning documentaries, short films, master class courses and photography for artists, musicians, professional athletes & more, he has brought his vast knowledge and skillset to businesses and brands. By understanding a brand and their message, he is able to create content that not only educates but also entertains, inspires, and engages viewers. With skills in photography, filmmaking, and graphic design, he elevates businesses' brands by producing content that sets them apart from their competitors.

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Interview with Canvas Rebel 

Interview with VOYAGE LA Magazine

Interview with SHOUTOUT LA Magazine

Your Business Will Thank You

Hiring a content creator to manage your media can save you time and effort while ensuring that your brand is consistently represented with high-quality content. A skilled creator can help you develop a strategy tailored to your specific goals & audience, create visually appealing & engaging content, and optimize your online presence for maximum impact. Ultimately, they can help your business stand out in today's crowded digital landscape and achieve long-term success.



I'm always looking for new and exciting ways to bring ideas to life. Let's connect !

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